In a word, no, not yet. For several years the “go to” kitchen (ditto for bathrooms) has been completely white. It’s a clean modern, clean look. And it sells houses. The picture above is a great example – the only contrast is from the black appliances and the hardwood floors, which add warmth. The statement pendant lights are fabulous accents, and notice that they have a gold finish vs the silver pulls – testament to the fact that we do NOT have to keep everything in the same finish!. If you’ve created a kitchen with this look, kudos, it’s still in style.

Lovely mis of surfaces & color, don’t you think?

As a realtor in a top 10 market, I see hundreds of homes, from multi -million dollar new builds and heritage mansions to starter homes for first time homebuyers. I’ve seen this look a lot. In fact, my own kitchen has white cabinets, white countertops and stainless steel appliances. I live in a home built in 1929 so I have hardwood floors that warm it up a little and antique brass pulls that reflect the age of the home.

But I change things frequently (due to what I’ve dubbed constant “house-envy” from seeing so many wonderful ideas) and I’m ready for a pop of wood or color. Our top cabinets have glass panes in them and I’m about to find stick-on wallpaper in a lovely color to line the back walls of them. Just enough contrast and interest to change the entire look. Inexpensive, easily changed and personal.

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