As we enter a new year and decade there’s a shift in design, both interior and exterior. Of course, there’s also differences in regions – California will have a much different aesthetic than New York and theirs will be different than the Southwest, etc. For today, we’ll just deal with what’s OUT in interior design (according to several top designers). First up (above) are shelves with pretty things but no BOOKS. Books are in, pretty things are OUT.

In no particular order….. brass hardware (ie, aged brass drawer pulls). Not sure how I feel about this one as I mix metals. My drawer pulls in two rooms are antique brass drawer and there’s also chrome in the same rooms (not pulls). Next, an accent wall is being traded for all 4 walls being the same. Go all in or go home, so to speak. Try not to shriek, but farmhouse is done, especially the accents like faux rustic signs, or big wall clocks or cutesy rustic knick knacks (I loathe knicks knacks anyway – if you’re going to put something on a table or shelf, make it something that means something to you).

This one is major, especially for the men in the house…..Living Rooms are putting the sacred box with the remote (yes, TVs) somewhere besides the focal point of the room. Now, as we’ve all gravitated to open-concept homes in the past several years, this presents a challenge. I suppose you either have a LR and a Den and put the TV in the latter, or you have an armoire that you can shut so the TV doesn’t play the lead role. Let me know your thoughts – I’d be very curious to hear what you think of this one!

I love this one – instead of having a table and chairs in your kitchen, trade those pieces for some comfy chairs and lower tables so you can hang out with friends, or even kids. It just feels more inviting, doesn’t it?

Here’s a laundry list of other OUT design. Open shelving in kitchens – not practical. Granite cabinet tops – the quartz and other man-made materials win out. Mirrored furniture (can you say Z Gallerie?). Over-the-range microwaves – wrong focal point, tuck it away. Subway tile. Formal separation of spaces (I know, this contradicts the LR/Den scenario). Formal spaces -we’re talking the Living Room and Guest Room, which get used about twice a year. People are using these spaces, if the floor plan allows, to create large closets! Industrial design is out as well, along with concrete flooring, which is often featured in those designs.

We used to call this “Hollywood Regency” and I loved it. Not so much anymore!

So let’s summarize. Do you see a thread going through these soon-to-be discarded designs? We’re moving a teensy bit toward traditional, with softer edges, more useful spaces. Please weigh-in. Remember that these OUTs are from designers who are on the leading edge, it may take a year or so to show up where we live!

“Follow” me and stay tuned…..Thursday we get to see what’s IN!!!!

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