The picture above is a great example of melding inside with outside, via folding walls. It’s being used in luxury homes in Dallas and is a feature buyers L.O.V.E.!!!!!

My last post was all about what designers are saying is “OUT”. Not so much fun, especially if we disagree with them! Now for what’s IN…..

I really like so many of these ideas, the first of which is dark painted interior doors. Nate Berkus introduced me to this concept when a magazine did a feature about his own home which had glossy black doors into every room. It was sophisticated and added a layer that was unexpected. You could use dark navy (remember the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, Naval)? Love this one!

Another trend is toward earth tones vs all cool colors. Even millennials want a blend of comfort and contemporary, so we’re going to see cushy couches in hunter green, creams, and shades of red/maroon. Along with the colors, furniture with European style details like sloping arms on sofas, rounded edges and metal legs are in while the popularity of low, square furniture (MCM) is waning. (Having said that, I think genuine MCM has a place in many homes, especially in eclectic decor.)

The more technology dominates our lives, the more we need spaces of respite and nature. There is a trend of melding our outdoor spaces with our interior ones, in the form of folding walls that open up our homes, living walls of plants, and more wood (particularly natural ones such as white oak), natural rugs and SPACE. I came to the term “negative space” late in life and now I must have it. It’s the space that is not occupied by furniture of any kind. Museums are prime examples. It’s what makes the art stand out. It’s important in today’s world, don’t you think?

This leads me to one of my favorites – fire bowls. They can be considered sculptural pieces of art. Picture a walkway leading to a conversation area with chairs around a beautiful metal fire bowl. Functional, gorgeous, social!

Four more. Terrazzo flooring is in. This is an Italian import that has been used for centuries. It’s not for everyone, but it can add quiet luxury to a master bath, foyer or, if you like, a living area. I don’t like an entire home in terrazzo, but it’s durable, as individual as you want to choose and easy to keep clean.

Custom oversized night stands are IN. These look like lovely chests and can be as modern or traditional as you’d like. They add gravitas (and storage) to your master bedroom. Love it.

Bold, black bathrooms. Counter intuitive, but so so cool. I had a powder bath downstairs in our last home and painted it black. It was a show-stopper and conversation starter. And surprisingly, it made the area seem bigger as the walls sort of went to infinity in black. The designers are using interesting black wallpaper as well as paint.

Modern minimalism style bathroom interior in black and white tones

Lastly, layering old with new is IN. In the last publication, we shared that shelves with “pretty things” are out and shelves with books are in. This layering old with new may work for you if you don’t want to go 100% from displays to books. We’re talking about using something from travels, things that have personal meaning to you and tell a story. The photo below is an idea I wish I’d stolen years ago – sand, dirt, stones from locations they’ve been. I’ve seen it more than once and executed in better fashion, but isn’t it GREAT? They add depth and why not have things that remind you of great adventures out to make you smile?


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