This week we’re going with images of a wide array of styles, rooms, etc. We want to see what you like, what you hate and why. If you send your comments to me, you’ll be in a drawing for a style / staging consultation at no charge!

#1 Open Concept (view from 2nd floor)
#2 Sassy Shelves
#3 Living Room
#4 Living Room
#5 Master Bedroom
#6 Staircase
#7 Dining Room with Firefly Chandelier
#8 Living Room
#9 Master Bathroom
#9 Dining Room with Dark Navy Walls
#10 Master Bedroom

A lot to consider….but I’m not going to influence you in any way! Simply let me know your thoughts through comments…love, hate, “absolutely not!”, “I wish this room was mine!”. You get the picture (ha).

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Until next time……. gailya.

I am a huge consumer of design and love finding new features, materials, patterns, textures and more in my daily life. I'm a realtor, a homeless activist, a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend to a cadre of crazies! Join me as we explore design and trends in homes...I'll share what experts say and always, always, I'll give you my take on it! G

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