Sooooo, we’re in week 6 of staying home. Brutal? Frustrating? Lonely? Work-arounds That Work? Tik Tok? Houseparty? Wine Delivery? FUN!

It’s getting BETTER!!! I’ve adapted. I mean, what choice do we have? I have a routine that’s working for me, I’m not drinking or eating everything I see anymore, and I’m using my time MUCH better than at the start. Here’s my take on what we’ve learned (and how it may likely change the way we live moving FORWARD!)

Now that we know we can work at home successfully, why not do it more often? When I have a choice (and I’m uber-lucky that as a realtor I can go into the office or work @ home), I go in about 2-3 times a week and work from home the other days. It works. Now that companies know it can work, and employees know it can work, why won’t we keep it up? A change is gonna come!

I live in a small home by design. Jerry & I are empty nesters and a 2/2 in a very neighborhood-y neighborhood is perfect for us. But when you’re stuck for 6 weeks in any size home, you start thinking of how you’d like every single thing to nurture you, please you, be useful. I love color and changed my duvet from white to linen to one that’s all blues, grays, yellows and corals. It fits me right now. Pillows need to be soft, sheets need to be soft, art needs to inspire, all windows need to be uncovered so I can get sunshine. One thing that is trending across the U.S. is people are making their outside space more livable – fire pits, seating and outdoor dining. We want and need a place to gather, whether with family or friends. And those of us who have the opportunity are looking for a second home near a lake, or ocean or mountain; someplace we can escape to. This is GOOD. Time to feed that part of us that needs a place of comfort and beauty and works for family and relaxing and fun. We’ve had time to contemplate what works for us, what matters to us.

What about how we shop? Will we order groceries online? Not likely for us. Will I do more online shopping for retail…..OH YEAH! I’ve honed my hunting and gathering skills, finding and buying just things I love (and always on sale) is working really well. Why drive to a store, shop, try on, buy something because someone complemented you in it? So I’m converted – I’ll probably go to stores 25% of the time, but 75% it will be me, sitting in my yoga clothes, clicking away. BTW, on a conf call this week with two heavyweights in the wealth management sector, they shared that when China got the go-ahead to shop the stores were up 18% over the same week one year ago. a few days ago the Hermes store in China sold $2.7 million of luxury goods in one day (they’re calling it “revenge” shopping – ha!)

People have, by and large, slowed down touring homes in person (that’s starting to change, with precautions). Some Sellers took their homes temporarily off the market – they needed a place to live, after all, and having people roam their home who could be contagious wasn’t a great idea. But (shameless plug coming) Compass has created a suite of products that allow consumers to truly tour homes virtually, to see the before and afters when they use Compass Concierge to get their home ready to sell (this is my FAVE tool – LOVE before and afters!) If you like the idea, ask me about it. Our friends and clients are using the tools. Will everyone use these tools? No. But I’m wondering how many of us would rather see a home virtually before we take time to get in our car, drive over, walk through. It would sure save time and eliminate the ones you thought you’d like, but on closer inspection don’t want to see. I do think from reading many reliable sourced articles that Texas, and especially Dallas, is uniquely set up to bounce back faster than most. Fingers crossed!

Being with friends again!!!!!

What do I wish and hope for? Being with family. In the end, that’s all that matters. I want to pick up my 15 mo old granddaughter and hug her and play with her. I want to hug my kids and their spouses and my sister. I want to see my friends some other way than Zoom or FaceTime. I want to drive to a restaurant where I know the owners and eat a beautiful meal . I want to go to the gym and spin and lift weights. I want to go to my yoga studio and move. I want every family who’s experienced loss to have a chance to grieve with family and friends and for every small business to make it. Some of my wishes will come true – I’m counting on it.

Are things going back to “normal”. Nope. But us humans are at the top of the proverbial food chain because we have the uncommon ability to adapt to change. We have, we are and we will.

No matter where you are, no matter where you live, no matter what your work is or how much money you make, YOU MATTER. Don’t ever doubt it.

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I welcome your feedback!!!