Cheerful Surroundings

I don’t know about you, but in the past 3 months of being in our home almost 24/7, I’ve “re-staged” my surroundings with intention to make me happier. I changed the duvet on our bed from a solid linen to a gorgeous turquoise / coral print. I moved art around, trading black and white family photos for paintings (I rotate art, keeping what I’m not using in the garage).

I was reading my current issue of Real Simple and my new favorite thing was an entire section on color! Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer lets you see the paint color in your room. There’s also a quiz to find your “Color ID” at myswcolorid.com. Fun!

Some basics about painting the exterior of your home. . . understand that there are elements of the exterior that are “fixed” and should be considered when you go to choose paints. Look at the roofing, the color brick, siding, windows, gutters and stonework. Make a list of the colors you see along with undertones. Example – if your roof is red, you may need to use a warmer pallette than you had planned to ofset that red. If you live in a place with year-round sun, avoid dark or saturated solors as they’ll likely fade quicker (and can increase your AC bills!). If you have tons of trees, you can consider deeper colors that blend with them like navy or even black (I’d use for trim only). If you live in a desert area or a new development where trees are saplings, neutral colors are great until trees and greenery mature. Lastly, drive your neighborhood! You may not want to be a duplicate of another house (or you may), but you’ll get some great ideas.

A warm yellow is right for a Craftsman hom, while a caribbean blue is better at the Beach.

When I talk to friends, the conversations inevitably turn to how the real estate market is doing. As real estate is a very localized business, my experience in Dallas, TX, may not reflect yours, but there are some trends across America. I work for COMPASS and we are communicating across all markets. Here’s the scoop. The floodgates opened for buyers in May. There’s pent-up demand and in most cities, very little inventory. I’ve got two buyers who have made offers in the past week and both homes sold before we could deliver the offers…..with multiple, over-listing-price offers!! As sellers see the shift, more listings will emerge; many sellers took homes off the market during March and April. This is GREAT news for all of us.

Stay safe, stay connected and reach out to me anytime.

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