Is Now a Good Time to Move?

With today’s changing homebuyer needs, especially given how the current health crisis has altered our daily lifestyles, many homeowners are reconsidering where they’re at and thinking about moving to a home with more space for their families. Here’s why it might be a great time to make that happen.

Too few homes for sale? Read this!

Sellers Are Returning to the Housing Market In today’s housing market, it can be a big challenge for buyers to find homes to purchase, as the number of houses for sale is far below the current demand. Now, however, we’re seeing sellers slowly starting to come back into the market, a bright spark for potential buyers. Javier…

Looking Forward…..

Sooooo, we're in week 6 of staying home. Brutal? Frustrating? Lonely? Work-arounds That Work? Tik Tok? Houseparty? Wine Delivery? FUN! 1 - how I'd like to feel, 2 - how families are doing with home-schooling, 3 - how I've often felt!HOW ABOUT YOU??? It's getting BETTER!!! I've adapted. I mean, what choice do we have?…