3 Strategies – Sell Your Home Faster!

Hello, I'm Gailya Silhan with Dave Perry Miller Dallas. I want to talk today a little bit about something that's really near and dear to sellers’ hearts and that is probably the most important decision they're going to make when they put their house on the market. Pricing. It's a sensitive subject to sellers. They're…

Looking Forward…..

Sooooo, we're in week 6 of staying home. Brutal? Frustrating? Lonely? Work-arounds That Work? Tik Tok? Houseparty? Wine Delivery? FUN! 1 - how I'd like to feel, 2 - how families are doing with home-schooling, 3 - how I've often felt!HOW ABOUT YOU??? It's getting BETTER!!! I've adapted. I mean, what choice do we have?…

Coping, Innovating, Thriving

Let them eat cookies for breakfast once in awhile and ice cream for dinner. Let them blow bubbles, take baths in the daytime with bubbles and toys and no matter the mess.