Phase One

Defining Success

  • Is now the right time to move
  • Outline your objectives
  • Expectations, questions, and concerns
  • What is your motivation to sell?
  • What is your timeline to move?
  • Where are you moving?
  • What is most important for you?

Understanding the Market

  • Market Dynamics: Macro v. Micro
  • Market Forces: Supply and Demand
  • The Numbers: Trends and Metrics
  • Analysis of active, pending, and sold transactions
  • Personal timing and seasonal considerations

Strategic Planning and First Impressions

  • Discuss Improvements and alterations
  • Outline features and benefits
  • Determine key differentiators based on active inventory
  • Establish target market and buyer profile
  • Create profile-based buyer attraction strategy

• •

Phase Two

Listing Details

  • Finalize documentation and contractual agreements
  • Complete Seller’s Disclosure
  • Complete property improvements
  • Engage staging consultant
  • Engage photography and media professional
  • Define launch timeline

Marketing Preparations

  • Property launch collateral
  • Traditional advertising
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Social media strategy
  • Broker network exposure
  • Open house strategy
  • Direct mail and communication approach
  • Events

• • •

Phase Three

Introducing the Property

  • Launch the marketing plan
  • Create the perception of value
  • Attract and qualify potential buyers
  • Show the property
  • Monitor interest
  • Weekly reports, updates, and communication strategy
  • Respond to changes in the market place

Negotiating Strategies

  • Procure written offers
  • Qualify and analyze the merits of each offer
  • Negotiate to optimize price and terms
  • Multiple offer process and backup offer strategies

• • • •

Phase Four

Escrow Process

  • Execute the contract
  • Meet deadlines and contingency periods
  • Fulfill duties and responsibilities


  • Transition from the property
  • Final documentations
  • Close and celebrate!

Working Together Again

  • Stay in touch and keep you informed
  • Second homes and investment properties
  • Provide resources
  • Feedback, testimonials and referrals

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